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Sewer Lines & Septic Systems

Sewer Lines & Septic Systems - Lichtfeld Plumbing

Lichtfeld Plumbing can help you avoid sewer line or septic problems and costly repairs.

Septic or sewage systems blockages can be caused by a variety of things. For instance, a common culprit could be tree roots invading the main line. As roots grow, they can puncture your line and spill waste out into your yard causing a big mess. But properly working systems require more than clear lines; they need a healthy balance between bacteria and the waste the bacteria consumes. Usage of chemical cleaners can kill the bacteria causing rapid buildup in the system. Grease or excessive oils can clog the pipes and pollute the soil in the drainage field, preventing its ability to absorb liquid waste properly.

Water saving appliances such as toilets, washing machines and dishwashers are great for our lakes; however, sewer lines are designed to be flushed with water. Without enough water going through the lines, debris builds up and must be mechanically moved through the line—a maintenance task best done at least once a year. The older the sewer line, the more problems it can face. Older lines are often made of steel and concrete which require thorough cleaning. Without proper cleaning, your pipes can’t function effectively. Debris build-up can cause back ups of sewage in your home or business.

Lichtfeld Plumbing can inspect your system, televising the lines to locate the problem areas, and provide rooter services when needed. Often, repairing your system’s problems can be done without digging up your tank or drain field.

Lichtfeld Plumbing can also work with you on a preventative maintenance plan that can avoid more costly troubles and keep your system working efficiently for years to come.

While minor blockages in your pipes can be fixed as a do-it-yourself project, a professional should be called when more serious problems arise. A professional can inspect your entire system from the plumbing inside your home, through the main line, and all the way to your septic tank or city sewage system.

Things to look for that indicate critical issues with your system include:

  • Foul odors in or outside your home
  • Plumbing fixtures are very slow to drain
  • Sewage is backing up, especially if located in different rooms of the house
  • Soggy soil around or on top of your tank
  • Sewage pools in your yard

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November 16, 2018