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What’s Good for Pots is Not for Pipes

A little grease might keep food from sticking to your pan, but it won’t do the same for your plumbing!

Never put grease down your drains. After frying bacon or hamburger (or any other greasy food), pour the grease into a can, wipe your pan out with a paper towel, and then rinse the pan out in the sink, using a lot of cold water. Sure, hot water might make the grease go down the drain faster, but what happens is… The heat makes the grease turn into liquid in the sink, but four feet down the line, the pipes cool—especially cast iron pipes—and that causes the grease to solidify in your pipe.

While we here at Lichtfeld Plumbing have a grease spoon on our sewer machines, grease is impossible to remove from the pipe walls completely. Your best defense against grease is no grease at all.

However, if the problem is already evident, there is a product on the market called Bio Clean that introduces a healthy, safe bacteria to eat the grease in your plumbing lines without harming the pipes. Pour some down your kitchen sink once a week to maintain a healthy population. We sell Bio clean at our office, and it is on our trucks.