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Fast Facts about Food Disposal

Fall is a time for reflection, rest, and Thanksgiving. It is also a time for canning the fruits of our gardens. But remember there are some things better left for the compost pile and not the kitchen sink drains. Carrot peelings, potato peelings, and tomato skins can plug your sink. If you must put them down the drain, make sure your garbage disposal is on and running with a lot of cold water. A disposal is a continuous feed. It is not designed to be turned on after someone shoves in the entire carrot crop. So, turn on your cold water, turn on your disposal, let it run for a minute, and then start to slowly feed those peelings down the drain.

Which also reminds me that after you par boil your veggies, never ever pour that boiling hot water down your drain. Make sure you temper the water with cold tap water as you pour. Your pipes will thank you by lasting longer.